AFC - Our Cider

Our Cider

Apple Falls Cider Company creates ciders that feature the true flavours of Prince Edward County.

Our cider is available for sale at Campbell's Orchards during their regular store hours.




Our Heritage variety is made with late-season apples like Northern Spys and Golden Russets. This provides a more full-bodied cider that sticks to your tongue. We also blended each of our Heritage varieties with Prince Edward County maple syrup.

Premiere Act II

Based on the success of our original Premiere, we recreated our first cider with more complexities but using the same traditional techniques. Expect a very dry cider with some more body and a slightly bitter finish, reminiscent of apple skin.


A simple cider made with only Pioneer McIntosh apples and crushed strawberries from Campbell's Orchards. Sold in a 750ml bottle, this is the perfect drink to bring to social events and share with your friends!


We collaborated with our friends from Pyramid Ferments to come up with this unique blend of raspberry, hops, kombucha and cider. Light and refreshing, this cider comes in a 3.9% alc/vol. This new and innovative product is perfect for a guilt-free drink with lunch.

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A crisp, off-dry cider with a hint of honey. Made with Honeycrisp and Golden Russet apples, this cider is the perfect blend of sweet and smooth.

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Our first cider made of Campbellā€™s own Empire, Red Delicious, Brandywine Crabapple, Flemish Beauty and Bosc pears that make up the entirety of this cider. Categorized as traditional dry, English style cider with a fresh apple aroma followed by a juicy, ripe apple finish that makes it hard to resist.

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Heritage & Cherry

On a dark winter night, Colin Campbell was rummaging around in the cider house. In his clumsiness (he may have been sampling too much cider) he accidentally knocked a bucket of sour cherries into a batch of Heritage cider. The result was a delicious cider with a subtle hint of cherry tartness.